Why Pilates?

To quote from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."

I have been a practitioner of the Pilates method for over 20 years now. I never would have imagined walking into that first Pilates class in Venice Beach, CA that this exercise would accompany me through a successful career as a musician, the birth of my two children, the death of my beloved father, my divorce, and ultimately, that it would become my renewal, and my job. What has kept me coming back for so many years is the astonishing depth of the Pilates method. Typically you learn the basic exercises and feel like you now know the method- but its not until years down the road, of practicing and perfecting the exercises over and over that you realize how detailed, how wonderfully transforming in both body and soul Pilates can be. 

As a teacher I learn from my clients every day- and I continue to be impressed by the way that Pilates can work for so many populations- for the elderly, for the athletic, for the injured, for the ultra flexible and the completely non-flexible alike. You lay down on the reformer, Joseph Pilates' wonderful invention consisting of ropes and springs and pulleys, and your body is completely supported and safe. From that base you can begin to explore movement, find your own limitations, and then begin to transform your movement and your body. Your balance, your breathing, your stamina, your control, and your fortitude all are challenged in each and every Pilates session. 

Even after 20 years of practice there is still more for me to learn. And that is what I have always loved most about Pilates- it has kept my attention year after year because not only does it feel good when I do it, not only am I proud when I master a new movement, not only does it allow me to push beyond my limitations in a safe way, it requires attention to detail, it requires concentration, and it requires commitment. And even after 20 years there is more to learn, movements that I can improve upon. How many exercise systems can you truly say that about? 

So, these are just a few of the ways that I love Pilates- and I would love to share that love with you!