Meet the Teacher: Mila Hernandez


What is your favorite kind of music to play in the studio? It changes, but I like a good mix of 80’s/90’s music, and sometimes pop.

What is your favorite pilates exercise? I love reformer side leg work with the loops. Such a good butt burn and a nice hip, inner thigh opener.

What’s your favorite type of group class to teach? Jumpboard/cardio! It’s fast, challenging and keeps the class moving! Afterwards everyone is always happy for the burn :)

What is your favorite exercise to do outside of the studio? 🏃🏻Running. Love ❤️ putting in my headphones and feeling the air and (sometimes) sun. I’m always around people so alone time for me is how I recharge. I feel energized and ready for anything after a long run.

What is the best thing about being a pilates teacher? The clients. I love my clients. If I’m in a funk they take me out of it. They don’t know that they have this affect. But almost always after working with my clients I’m in a much better mood.

What are your hobbies/passion/business outside of the studio? Running, cycling and swimming. Passion about real estate & interior design. Actually I’m obsessed with decorating. I can work 14 hours and completely forget that I haven’t eaten a thing!

At what point in your life have you most appreciated pilates? I’ve always appreciated pilates but lately it’s been a lifesaver. Things at home can be stressful, and pilates takes me away from all of it. Super grateful.

What is the best/worst thing about living in LA? The traffic is out of control! The best thing about LA are days like today... Blue skies and great weather. Also, love the nights in LA. The air smells different and cool enough to eat and hang outdoors... my favorite thing to do.

What days and hours are you available at Good Body Pilates? Right now I’m open for privates early mornings & evenings, and I teach my group Cardio Reformer class Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.!

Thanks for the questions! It was fun answering these😘❤️