Men and Pilates

There has been a long standing idea that Pilates is for women- part of that is because when Joseph Pilates moved to New York the people most attracted to the exercise were ballet dancers, and through them the system spread, changed, and eventually became known as a graceful art.  However, this is a system that was invented by, taught by, and originally, lived by, a man- and not just any man! Joseph Pilates was a cigar smoking, bare chested in the snow, still very muscular well into his seventies kind of man. And he meant these exercises to be corrective and challenging for all people, regardless of gender. 

Even today, people are surprised to hear that about half of my studio's private clientele are men.  Many of them came in initially because they were recommended to by their doctor or physical therapist. But they stay because they feel challenged and can both see and (more importantly if they were in pain), FEEL the changes that occur in their bodies.  Initially my male clients are surprised by the difficulty of the exercises- the stamina and strength that they need to have to perform them correctly. The fact that it is an all body exercise every time- meaning, not just abs and arms, and then legs and glutes, but a targeted and efficient full body experience. Every time. And this creates balance within the body, which allows the client to perform better in the world outside the studio- in their weight lifting, golfing, working, whatever activities they have in their lives. So whether you are a professional Football player or a weekend warrior or anything in between, I can challenge you, and Pilates can both heal and humble you.