Our Teachers     

Emilie Bernstein, Studio Owner

Emilie discovered Pilates in 1995, when a friend brought her along to a class. She was hooked immediately, and has practiced Pilates ever since. It has helped her through 2 pregnancies, job and life changes. She feels that it keeps both her mind and her body stretched and strong, and she is continuously impressed by the way that the Pilates method continues to evolve and grow, keeping her interested year after year.

As a teacher, Emilie is compassionate, detail oriented, and inspiring. She has worked with all segments of the population: men, women, seniors, pre and post-natal women, people with injuries, people dealing with disabilities like Parkinsons and Cerebral Palsy, and athletes looking to improve their performance. She loves that Pilates is able to serve them each in the way that they need, and she is proud of the changes she has seen in her clients. 

Emilie is certified by BASI Pilates




Lea Norin

Lea was introduced to Pilates in high school and has been teaching Pilates since 2006. She is certified through BASI Pilates and has continued her education with workshops in STOTT, Peak Pilates, Balanced Body, Power Yoga, and Thai massage. Lea began her teaching career in a Physical Therapy center teaching people transitioning from physical therapy into regular exercising, then she branched out to teach in Equinox gyms, private studios, yoga studios, and home sessions.  Expect sessions with Lea to enhance your home workout regimen and target your specific goals while in the studio. Spreading the knowledge that Joseph Pilates created over 75 years ago, Lea believes that Pilates is for every BODY, no matter what size, age, weight or gender. Lea is passionate about Pilates, and her passion and spirit shine through her teaching. 


Debbie Zaltman

Debbie first discovered Pilates when she was working as a professional dancer in musical theatre in New York. She found that Pilates was instrumental in keeping her body healthy during the often punishing schedules of rehearsals and performances. After moving to Los Angeles in 2002, she got her Pilates certification through Long Beach Dance Conditioning.

With over a decade of teaching experience under her belt, Debbie's teaching style focuses on detailed fundamentals of the Pilates technique, while offering a challenging, fun, and tailor-made experience. Whether the goal is a lean, sculpted, more flexible body, minimizing lingering aches and injuries, or overall wellness, Debbie's clients have gotten results that keep them coming back for more.

Debbie uses Pilates (and lots of it!) to keep her dance career on both stage and screen alive. Her clients benefit from the importance and need for Pilates in her own life, which continuously fuels her desire to give back to them everything that has been given to her. 


Jackie Hinton

Originally from Austin, Texas, jackie is a professional dancer and an actress, as well as an amazing and effective Pilates teacher. She discovered Pilates while she was studying dance at the University of Texas at Austin where the dancers had access to a fully equipped Pilates studio as part of the curriculum. After receiving her degree, Jackie moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional career where she performs in television, stage and film.

Jackie also pursued her love of Pilates, and was certified in 2006 through the PhysicalMind Institute on all apparatus and mat work. She has worked with a clientele of all levels and lifestyles from professional dancers and athletes, film and television performers, youths, adults, those recovering from major injuries or illness as well as clients just looking to increase strength, balance and flexibility. Jackie continually attends classes, workshops and continuing education courses to keep her Pilates knowledge growing for herself and her clients.

Jackie's latest venture includes making a line of personal Pilates hand loops with her company, Good Citizen. You can check them out at www.goodcitizenla.com


Ixchel Regalado

Ixchel is a BASI certified Pilates instructor who has spent much of the last decade teaching Pilates in a physical therapy setting. This has enabled her to understand the body and its pathologies on an even deeper level. Originally a dancer, Ixchel has a dynamic and caring personality, and encourages all clients to achieve their maximum potential, while still ensuring attention to detail and form. Having spent a few years of her childhood in Mexico, Ixchel is bilingual which enables her to work with an even more varied population. She has many years of experience working with both professional and amateur athletes, and is known for her challenging yet always encouraging sessions.



Mila Hernandez


Mila Hernandez is originally from New Jersey. She moved to California (with her twin sister) after high school to start a new life in Los Angeles. Right after moving to L.A. she began to work as a physical fitness trainer. She has been a personal trainer now for almost fifteen years. In 2012 Mila decided that she wanted to broaden her expertise in the fitness field, and she decided to become a certified Classical Pilates instructor. In 2013 she completed her comprehensive 475 hours Pilates certification with Frank Zito. She specializes in teaching Classical Pilates to both her private clients, as well as group classes. In addition to her Pilates, Mila is also certified in Yoga and Spinning. Mila is truly an athlete at heart!  She is passionate about helping her clients to heal, and will inspire you to push harder. She is a marathoner, cyclist (having compeleted a 575 mile ride from San Francisco to LA in 7 days for the Aids/Life Cycle Charity in 2014 which raised 15,000.000.00) and also a swimmer. She believes in an integrated approach to fitness because she knows that balance, strength and flexibility are essential for overall health. 



A body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well balanced mind, fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living.
— Joseph Pilates